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The White Wolf With The Blue EyesEdit

The White Wolf With The Blue Eyes or TW3BE for short is a short Youtube series/movie about Wolfen, a wolf, and his encounters with a mysterious disease and it follows the horrors he sees during all his encounters one of the horrors of which he witnessed his entire pack killing themselves, going insane, and killing other wolves with our without the disease. He is continuously haunted by the images of his dying father who had almost killed him. the only wolves to survive the illness that struck their former pack was Wolfen and his mother Aria who then stumble across another pack who has only just begun to be affected by the disease. As the disease infiltrates the fragile society Alpha the leader of the pack becomes infected by the mysterious disease and dies leaving Wolfen the alpha male of the wolf pack. One night Alpha comes to him in a dream and reveals that there is answers on the horizon if you know where to look.

Now we just have to wait for part 4

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